Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ear to the ground

Sometime back, Tym did a Readers' Request Week. And I thought how convenient for blog fodder. And then recently, I was told that people liked reading about adventures in school and in the classroom. I've been consciously trying not to blog so much about the happenings in school because of that infamous brush with fame I had last year courtesy of the New Paper.

So, I'm stuck. I spend most hours of the days, most days of the week, most weeks of a year with students who do and say the darndest things and sometimes it's just too damn tempting. But then again, I'll be damned if I blog about anything that will cause me to get hauled into the boss' office. But then again, if I don't blog about what I do most of the day and I'm tired from waking at 3 in the morning the rest of the time to grade the papers and correcting the mistakes I shouldn't blog about, there really isn't nothing much to blog about.

And, bloggers aren't the most original people. We do memes because someone's tagged us, we do quizzes because they appear on other people's blog and at the heart of it, we're the most self-serving, ego-centric bunch, we blog because we're inspired by something someone else has written.

Because of all this, I'm going to be shameless and ask the average wanderer that reads the blog, what would you like to read here? No promises that all requests will be turned into blog posts but in bureaucratic-corporate speak, it will be KIV-ed and kept in my Inbox.

Now, to go off and check on my class who are part of a College wide attempt to spruce up the entire College and have quite cheekily nicknamed themselves the Desperate Housewives because they are the cleaning crew in charge of tables and windows.

Ondine tossed this thought in at 14:47

3 thoughts...

3 thoughts...

At 8:22 am Blogger spook said...

Write about how you went from history to aspiring PhD in Psychology.

That's it! Why did i not think of it earlier? How do you know whether you've thought enough or thought too much. Where is the magical line where you cross over from thinking too little to thinking too much.


At 9:11 am Blogger spook said...

Ondine... you're a 'cher right?

Complete this sentence:

She peered through the glass, as her heart went 'thump-thump-thump'and her mind raced through her memory searching, searching for ...

At 1:07 am Blogger serene said...

I enjoy reading your classroom stories. gives me enlightenment on how teachers actually view students!


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