Tuesday, May 02, 2006


There are days when you're just ambling along. Life isn't bad. It isn't good, but you get by. And then out of no where, a lightning bolt strikes. Not the ground beside you. But you yourself. Fizzling, you wonder how come you never saw it coming. It wasn't exactly that far out in left field. It had crossed your mind before that it might hit you.

Yet, you decided to concentrate on keeping yourself dry from the impending storm. You take all the precautions. You take all the advice, to build a house that would not get blown away in the rain. You think that as long as you do this, you'll keep yourself dry. And safe.

Unfortunately, you've built the house with hay and that can't withstand the rains that come. You're not dry, but you're not soaked either. You think you'll still be fine. That the rains will stop and the rainbow will be out for all to see. Then you hear a crack somewhere close. That can't be, you tell yourself. For you've built yourself up strong and resilient.

The next thing, you see a bright light. You're not sure what had happened. You've been blindsided. And when you look around, your house has come tumbling down. Hay is all around you. Everything carefully put into place is shredded, by your feet. On fire.

All because you got struck by lightning.
All because you didn't see that there was a lightning storm in the first place.

Do you go out and stand in the rain, getting drenched and bemonaing your misfortune?
Do you yell and shake your fists angrily at the heavens?
Do you throw bricks at the sky?
Do you bend over and pick up what's left to start over?

No prizes for which one being the most difficult especially when the fire's not put out yet and everything is still smouldering.

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1 thoughts...

At 1:25 am Blogger serene said...

i admire your writing style. like those who usually get H1s for essays. =)


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