Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hungry Vultures

Packrat informed me on Thursday night that I'd gotten an invitation to a Kate Spade sale. I replied rather forlornly that I didn't think I had enough money to go shopping at Kate Spade. Kate Spade on sale is still expensive. In Singapore anyway. I remember another time, another place, Nordstrom in Oregon to be precise, where Kate Spade on sale meant they really were affordable. But being the wonderfully supportive husband that he is, although I think the real reason was so that I'd leave him alone to play WoW , he told me to go.

So I did. Yesterday, with Plentyfish who was looking for a present for his girlfriend. And I was stunned, Kate Spade at quite affordable prices. Not the usual $600-$800 price tags. All modestly priced under $200. Of course, they are past season stuff but Kate Spade's Kate Spade. The only problem is Plentyfish has the sense of fashion of a fish and refused to let me buy the bag I really wanted and I forlornly declared to Packrat that I didn't have time this week to go down again. Sympathetically, he dropped me off at the mall before he headed off for tuition this morning and I waited for the store shutters to be raised. Unfortunately, I was too late. No more. Plentyfish got a nice earful over SMS about it.

Of course, there's always a rainbow behind the rain clouds and there were others to pick from. Problem is that most of them were singles. And half the time, the bag you wanted was in the hands of someone else. So you circle with half an eye on her. I wasn't the only one. I couldn't decide between two bags. The minute I put one of them down, someone swooped in and picked it up. Only at a moment like this, you realise how much you want the bag and you become the vulture that circles.

Round and round the mulberry bush until someone gives. This time, I win, I swoop in and pick it up. I'm not as bad as the other vulture near by who squawks everytime she picks up a good buy. That, is just bizarre.

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