Monday, April 17, 2006


She walked into class balancing a whole bunch of stuff, rather precariously. You know she's trying hard to make sure nothing disturbs the fine balance of her laptop, pencil case, jacket and stack of papers.

Yes! The laptop. More presentation stuff. More time to space out. Eat my cookies. SMS under the desk. Doodle on my handouts. So much to do.

She looks around and then tells us to start separating our desks. This does not bode well. Separating desks mean she doesn't want us to talk. If she doesn't want us to talk, that means, we're doing work! Argh!No!

She tries to console us and reminds us of the past weeks when we didn't have to do any work. No. No. No. We live in the here and now. It doesn't matter if we've been free the last weeks. What matters is today. And today, we want to be free!

No chance. No mercy. Slave driver.

Reluctantly, we do as we are told. Down the rows come the work we are expected to do. Words words words! That's all I see. How am I supposed to make sense of them?

And what does she do? She sits there, she seems to be reading. Or doing something on her laptop. Sometimes she types furiously and then looks up and stares at us. Is she doing one of those report things about us again? Crap. Maybe I shouldn't look up so much. She might say that I day dream a lot in class. As it is, I think she has issues with my handwriting.

She's got a frown now. What is she doing? Oh crap, I've got half an hour more and I've only done like 2 questions. Crap crap crap crap crap.

"The Titanic- forgive me!- was just the tip of the iceberg". Right. And I'm supposed to explain why there's "forgive me" in the sentence. How the f!@* am I supposed to know? The iceberg needs to apologise to the Titanic for sinking it? Hmmm, that sounds about right. "Forgive me- apology" The iceberg was why the Titanic sank. So perhaps. Ahhhh, who cares, let's see if she buys it as an answer.

She's typing very furiously now. But she looks like she's laughing to herself. What could she be doing? Is she IMing or something? Can't be. She's typing too much. You can only type 500 letters in one message so it can't be that continuous right?

I really need to stop trying to figure out what she's doing. Everytime she looks up, I'm looking up. She's probably going to say something snarky to me soon about how I should spend more time checking my work instead of rushing through it and staring into space. Wait till she comes by my table and realises I've only done like 2 questions. Then sure majorly snarky one!

Hmmm, I just thought of this. Maybe she's blogging about us. About how we look like we'd rather be anywhere but here. Maybe she's blogging about how nice it is to set work for students so that she has all this unencumbered time to blog. Some more no need to teach, no need to do anything, can slack while we work. Torture us, she does. Yah. Maybe that's what she's doing. Blogging about all the fun she's goinig to have because after school, she can go home and watch tv while I have to do some more tutorials. Teachers have it damn easy man.

Oh no! The students from the next class have been released. That means the bell is going to go. That means my time's going to be up soon and I've only at Question 3! Crap! She's closing her lap top and disconnecting. Oh shit! The bell's gone! I'm screwed.

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