Friday, April 07, 2006

No Pain No Gain

Whoever came up with that phrase, ought to be dragged in the street, shot, have horses trample all over him and then strung out to dry.

I am in pain.

In more ways than one.

It's Friday, it's supposed to be an easy wind down into the weekend. Unfortunately, it was crazy. I forgot appointments that I had with students. I also didn't count on being restless at my desk. So restless that I had to head out to do something at half two in the afternoon. My choice of activity, a run at the beach. In the blistering hot sun.

The result?

A very tanned me, but I suspect severely dehydrated as well, judging by the headache the size of Greenland that's residing in the area that was formerly occupied by my cerebral cortex. Then again, the beach was nice. It was peaceful. It gave me time to think. Although the thinking kept getting disrupted by strange goings on. A cop car on the running track, a lady of generous proportions skinny dipping from what I could tell. Many many couples making out. Hello! Broad daylight here. Go buy tickets to a movie or something.

But even with all that, it was nice. It's always nice to just get out, especially when it's been raining the whole week long.

I had also thought that the run would be a nice warm up to my rehearsal. I didn't count on my muscles being so extremely fatigued after the 6km run and the 10 runs of the dance to cry out in unignorable pain. Anyway, why I am doing these rehearsals on time that I don't really have? For 2 days next week, I will leave my dignity at home, don an Arabian Belly Dance costume and prance and stamp my way into the Bollywood archives of the College. Because it involves a whole lot of rolling around and I bruise like a peach, I have learnt to live with the bruises.


Unfortunately, Packrat still gets nervous being seen in public with me with those bruises. He fears being hauled in for interrogation having committed domestic abuse. For me, I can live with the bruises, just not the soreness and numerousness of it. 2 knees, 2 elbows (2 to 3 per elbow), underarm finger marks, ribs, the works.

Ok. Heap onto that sitting through a debate in a non airconditioned classroom with adolescent tension bouncing off walls and ceilings and eventually culminating in shrill cries of laughter and despair and that's how I've got to this extremely whiny point in the evening where I think nothing is going to soothe me apart from the spa therapist from the Bangkok Banyan tree.


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