Tuesday, April 04, 2006

All Sides

It's one of those days when I should have just left school after my classes. Instead I chose to stay to try and get work done. Unfortunately, everything is against me. There is the mother of thunderstorms outside, with lightning so close, you can hear it crack. There is banging from above because they're installing some more stuff into our already cramped quarters. There is banging from below because they are converting classrooms into science labs. And apparently, to do that, it requires shaking the foundations of the place and drilling the ceiling.

I'm tempted to stomp on the floor everytime they bang on the ceiling. Unfortunately, they've got tools and are louder than my little slippered feet would be. So I lose.

And just as the next bolt of lightning streaks across the sky and I have nothing else to do but to check my work email, the first email on top with a red flag is one with the subject Lightning! Apparently, some daft kids have never heard of the danger of being struck by lightning especially in equatorial Singapore, and have been gamely continuing their activities in the open. All you need to do is give them a kite, and they're set.

Argh! More banging. Time to pack up and go home.
Consolation, at least, the car gets a bath.

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