Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's all about context

When one's term of indentured servitude is almost up, the preferred way of luring one to continue in such a manner is to throw a little bit more money at the slave (even though I know, slaves in the strictest sense are not paid at all), enticing the slave that staying in such service is worth while.

So that's what's been happening. And at the same time, people around me are getting pregnant by blinking. Olie talked about it as well. It's a common phenomenon with it happening in droves. The higher ups would like to think it's because of them and their wonderful baby bonus scheme but who really knows?

Such news, regardless of how you really feel about it, is always to be met with a hearty congratulatory cheer. It's a strange thing to say, seeing that you're congratulating someone for achieving something that much of the time, they have very little control over. It's like saying "I'm sorry" to someone who has just lost a loved one. It sounds superficial and platitudinal. But that's done and I've been saying "Congratulations" to people so often these days that the word holds little other meaning today.

Yesterday and today, I've been offered a whole lot of congratulatory messages. Because it was announced yesterday that my term of service is almost up and they're throwing, like another 5 cents at me to convince me that what I'm doing now is well worth it. And everytime someone came up to me to congratulate me, my first reaction after thanking them, was a furrowed brow and a big question bubble forms..." I'm pregnant?". It takes about 2 seconds to switch contexts and realise they were congratulating me for something else.

But it's been funny. I kept thinking that it's slipped my mind that I'm pregnant and I must really be tired to forget something so important before I realise it's a slight case of transference and I'm really not pregnant. It's just that so many of the people I hang out with are and it's really all a matter of code switching.

Must switch faster today before I agree to K's offer to get a huge discount off Gap's maternity line.

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