Sunday, March 19, 2006

Superhero Girl

Anyone who's been to our house would know that we collect television series and we think Buffy used to rock! And then there was all this network crap and Buffy got all weird in the tussle. Angel too. Packrat and YM remained a little bit more loyal than I did. Afterall, I was a late starter with Buffy, so the loyalties didn't lie as strong.

They were strong enough however, to think it a cool idea to have the Buffy and Angel standees be part of the living room decor. We bought Buffy on our honeymoon and Angel a year later. The point of buying Angel was to keep Buffy company, but when we put them together, true to themselves, Buffy knocked Angel down. Everyday, while we were out. And we would have to come home to a bent out of shape Angel, flat on his face. Eventually we decided, they were better off permanently apart.. Strange how reality mimicked art there.

Anyway, there is no more Buffy to be watched. We tried some other Super hero girl type shows like Tru Calling and even Joan of Arcadia (even though she was just a regular girl with the inordinate gift of being able to talk to God) but thanks to the whole horrid-spit spit-annoying- Apprentice-Survivor- The Contender type-cheap to make- reality tv series, both series were axed in the middle of Season Two. Tru Calling seemed a natural extension of Buffy since it was Eliza Dishku sans deranged, psychotic killer Slayer persona. Unfortunately, she could relive days and save the dead from dying, but not her own television show. Same with Joan. She could talk to God, but not the network executives. So the two were short term loves of ours and we often felt incredibly cheated and love lorn after they axed them and left an empty hole in our Tuesday evening television schedule.

We even tried to replace Buffy with Sidney. Sidney Bristow, the CIA operative who looked good and always seemed to get out of situations even though she wasn't as deft with her fingers as MacGyver was. That was ok until it got so weird and so whiny that watching a daytime soap was better than watching Alias. And on top of that, some important person dies in the show and one wonders how the network figured that was a good idea at the time.

In a nutshell, our lives have been devoid of a superhero girl for a while. And in Melbourne last year and at a friend's house this year, we flirted with a new love. True attraction was only borne after we found her in Patpong- the red light district of Bangkok. While I was busily trying to sneak a peak into one of those girly bars, Packrat discovered her and bargained her down to an affordable price. Afterall, this wasn't the real thing. It was a pretty good copy of the real thing, but not the real thing. And even then, the magnetism was amazing.

We just spent the whole afternoon getting to know Veronica Mars. Our new superhero girl. She doesn't have super strength like Buffy, nor does she have a divine hotline to God. She doesn't even have all the interesting disguises of Sidney, but she's one interesting broad to get to know. She's a little bit like Nancy Drew, sans the strawberry blond hair and the mysterious guy friend called Ned and she's smart, got a little bit of a Scooby gang going for her and trying not to let her best friend's murder and her mom's disappearance screw her up too badly. And the good thing is, she's made it past the middle of Season Two, so there is some hope that this will be a fruitful affair.

Now, to savour the time we have with her since we're going through Season 1 so quickly and it's unlikely that we're going to get Season 2 anytime soon since it's still airing in the U.S. Now to shower and climb into bed with the next episode of Veronica Mars.

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2 thoughts...

2 thoughts...

At 6:49 pm Blogger pinkyjumbo said...

i miss buffy & angel isn't the same without cordy :(. by the time i got hooked into tru calling they cancelled the man! but i think sydney bristow rocks!

At 11:04 pm Blogger Olie said...

Actually, I think your standees are pretty scary. It feels as if someone's watching your every move. But that said, they'll burglar proof your place!


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