Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I've finally cleared my backlog of grading papers. It's taken a lot of endurance and patience to get through some of the work. Some parts of the paper take more out of me than other parts. Sometimes, I grade in ones. Usually essays. After every essay, I do something. More often than not, it's playing one level of Bookworm. I realised I was extremely out of it when I couldn't find a single word in the jumble. Other pieces of work, I go through the entire level of a single question before I stop, or I do it in sets of five. Manageable. But whatever my tactic is, I always need a distraction in between. This afternoon, after finishing an entire class of extended applied writing, I needed to do something. I was tired of Bookworm. It had to involve me, moving away from my desk- right up to about ten minutes ago- my ball and chain.

So I baked. I baked 6 apple raisin oat muffins. There was something about the cracking of the eggs, the mixing of the flours and the stirring of the fruit that reset my equilibrium and gave me wings to go on. And the bonus is, I've made breakfast for tomorrow and it promises to be yummy.

Packrat , on the other hand, does not back. Instead, he comes home and fires up Clover* and enters into his doppel land where he is a she named Tylis with what we would possibly call in the real world, platinum blonde hair with bad green chlorine dyed ends and is an Elven Rogue with a white kitten rather creatively named White Kitten.


Some one else I know does it by rudimentary attempts at bodyart and possibly staining her socks after that. Her other foot was so decorated as well, but I figured it would be wise to keep her identity anonymous lest she flings the real rugby ball my direction and I end up, in the real world, with a bloody mess of a nose.


So we all deal in different ways. And since my mind hates being idle, apparently a great flaw in my design and I'm possibly a sucker for punishment, I'm plotting how to inflict more work on my kids and by extension of that, inflicting a sort of corporal mortification upon myself. But I think, I'll put that on the backburner for now and let it simmer and fester into something bigger. Tonight, I am done. I am pleased. I will rest.

*Clover- His game laptop that weighs a ton and is carried around lovingly in a specially made Crumpler bag with crosshairs on it.

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