Monday, April 10, 2006

Word a Day Toilet Paper

I learnt a new word today.

I was looking at a circular that was sent out and there was this word, "commsing". There was a red squiggle under it so I naturally thought it was a typo. Even then, I wasn't sure what the real word was because the sentence was " On (a particular date), we will be commsing it to the students"

I asked KW what the heck that was about and she said it was a new buzz word the higher ups are using.

Commsing means Communicating. (verb in continuous tense)
Used in a sentence: Commsing is an important tool in a marriage. It will lead to fewer misunderstandings.

But not if you use the word commsing and your partner has no clue what it means.

to Comms means to communicate (verb)
Used in a sentence: Young toddlers use non verbal cues to comms with their parents.

So, we've been trying to use it the whole morning but it sounds to NS speak and how is it easier than to say "to tell" our students...

That's the bureaucracy for you and I will revert it to them that it's a silly phrase. Hahaha

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Ondine tossed this thought in at 10:01

3 thoughts...

3 thoughts...

At 12:37 pm Blogger Tym said...

Yes, please give them your "feedback".

What a daft word! Want to create jargon also so lame...

At 10:06 pm Blogger trisha said...

Another word I cannot tahan is "ideate" - verb for "idea".

They use it whenever it's got anything to do with WITS, or some innovation thingee, like "We need to ideate."

Why not just say "We need ideas?"

Daft indeed!

At 7:00 am Blogger John said...

i've been trying in vain to find word a day toilet paper. where oh where did you get it?


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