Sunday, April 09, 2006

A mother's touch

Sometime back, my mom rang me and I had the most infuriating conversation with her about fondue flatware. Apparently, she found some and wanted to know if I wanted them. Today she showed them to me. And I hesitated because one, our house is too small to have such a posh party, two, I don't have a fondue set and three, even improvising and using it for steamboat, repeat one and two.

She said, she was thinking ahead, in the far far future where I might want to entertain with a fondue set. I laughed at her. She must remember that I wanted to be an ambassador in the previous life.

As we walk out the door, she shoves a big plastic bag into my hands. She says, "this one, for the near future", giggles, laughs and shuts the door in my very puzzled face. They're boxes, tightly packed boxes of various shapes. Getting home, I open the mysterious package and marvel at my mother's sense of humour and wishful thinking.

This is what was in the bag.


My mother knows that she can't outwardly bug me about having kids. So, her new ploy, dump a whole lot of baby stuff into my hands and hope I get the hint. Of course I do. I SMS her to thank her for being so thoughtful.

"Wah! So funny! Breast Pump! Pump what? Pump air, ah? "

I guess that's better than sending the maid over and asking me to "Hurry up!". It's a cruel cruel world out there when parents have too much time on their hands to think up elaborate ploys to get grandchildren. I was duly informed today that one set of our parents is expecting 4 grandchildren in the near future.

I now officially feel like a Pez dispenser. Excuse me while I shoot 'em all out.

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