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We spend most of our Saturdays in church. It's better than Sunday when we have to wrestle with the parking crowd and the crowds at lunch. That always works as an easy excuse not to go to church. Earlier this year, Packrat and I decided it was high time we did more than appear at service once in a while. So we decided to help with the pre-marriage counselling which has thankfully been changed to marriage preparation class. Pre-marriage whatever always conjures in my head visions of pre-marital sex which the Church will wag a disapproving finger at. Our only reservation was that we were too "young". I mean, we couldn't answer questions about having kids and whatever else. In our hearts, we wondered if they'd consider us really married since we were still playing about and had no serious committments (read: kids).

Apparently, the consensus was the younger couples were a bigger hit because they weren't about to prescribe what made a good marriage, since half the time, we're still trying to figure it out ourselves. And validated that way, we signed up to be facilitators.

Each session starts off with a lecture, on the Biblical perspectives of marriage. Some of our friends have great issues with it, especially when it comes to Head (the man being the head of the household, dial back all the women's lib!), Helper (the woman, created to help the man), not so much the Love bit (that the Man is supposed to do as Christ loved the church) and a whole lot with the Submit (woman, submit to man, mwahahahaha).

During the lecture, the both of us are often trying to figure out how to facilitate the session, so we listen more intently than we do when we are on our own professional courses. But sometimes, we slip into being kids once again and laugh and snigger helplessly at the lecturer. Today was one such instance.

Lesson of the Day, Helper. Basically, the lecture went through how a wife could help her husband, to be a better person, to support him, that sort of thing. Quite common sense. But when it came to the practical bits, the lecturer, whose first language wasn't English, asked

" Husbands, think of one thing that your wife can do for you, that no one else can?"

Snigger snigger snigger.

"Wives, how can you use your tongue to help your husbands?"

Snigger, almost fall off the chair, snigger, choke, snigger snigger.

We got what she meant, but for that one moment, we became 15 again. It was reminiscent of the time where my colleague, announced after sealing 50 envelopes that she had the fastest tongue on this side of the staff room.

Right. Something we all don't want to know. And what only wives can do for their husbands, erm... that's Too Much Information.

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1 thoughts...

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choi! so dirty minded! wash your mouth with soap!!!


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