Friday, October 15, 2004

Keeping The Faith

Every year I wonder if the bloopers would out do the ones from last year.

Every year, I'm not disappointed.

Let's see... we had

  1. The daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Ferrari, studies in Oxford
  2. The turkey driver drove his bomb right into the Jewish Mosque Church
  3. Sir King Arthur jr's I had a dream speech
  4. There are many obese people in China because there is so much food that the government does not allow to be thrown away...
  5. During World War Two, Russia, with Adolf Hitler as its leader conquered Russia but Russia's supremacy was short lived as smaller states started standing up to Russia and overthrew Hitler
  6. Japan, who was raging war on the world and similar to Russia, was a large nation with the upper hand as it possessed a large and powerful army.
  7. The Cold War superpowers were America and the United State of Socialist Republic (USSR)
  8. Czechoslovakia was split into two different states- Czecho and Solovakia.
  9. Confusing the Jordan- Israel water dispute with Singapore, Singapore and Malaysia had fights over water and to prevent Singapore from getting water, Malaysia dammed us. - Yeah they did!

...punctuation and grammar as in the original.

But let's just keep this between us. :)

And with that ladies and gentlemen, the marking bloopers of 2004. Stay tuned for March 2005!

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