Thursday, September 23, 2004

Fairy Tale

This is the stuff fairy tale proposals are made of.

"After I got there, he woke me up really early, dragged me out of bed competely jetlagged and told me he was taking me out deer-spotting. I was like, I need more sleep. I don't give a shit about Bambi. He dragged me outside the house and there was this guy setting up a hotair balloon in the field outside his house which belongs to the family. So he took me up on a balloon ride over the Berskshires and it was so beautiful. The mist and mountains and green. At the end of our ride, he made me look down and there was his sister standing next to a huge tarp sheet on the ground with bright pink words "My love, will you marry me?" Then he got down on his knees in that tiny hotair balloon basket and held out this diamond ring. How could a girl say no? Obviously, his entire family was in on the surprise becauselater on that day, all his brothers and cousins called him to check how the whole thing went and if I'd said yes. After that, we all had champagne and muffins and strawberries and celebrated. "

And all of it is real. It's part of an email I got from one of my friends last night and I haven't stopped being thrilled for her yet. Of course, it makes my life seem dull in comparison, but I might get to be matron of honour at this wedding that will transcend continents.

Of course, there's a little bit of me that's wistful and wishing that it was me and wishing that I could relive all that again. But I've been reminded that I was a horror to be with during those months running up to the wedding and other people do not want to have to go through that again, so I shall just live vicariously through my friend and plan her wedding for her.
This means a possible trip to Massachusetts next year!

Time to start saving...again.

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