Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Week in Review

Monday- Woke up late, went running till I was beetroot in the face. Marked at Coffee Bean with a really dry cranberry muffin while Dan and colleagues hashed out a curriculum of sorts for next year's guinea pigs. Watched Bourne Supremacy

Tuesday- Tuition followed by wandering around aimlessly while waiting to see colleague who has just delivered at Thomas Medical Centre- verdict was not to ever deliver there because the hall ways were dark, and there were bottles of Lulu bleach and detergent sitting at the reception counter. Tick for giving me the heebeejeebees. This was followed by collecting the car which was at Ford to get another key programmed. One of those key things cost a grand total of $230! Dinner was at the beach, smoky but nice.

Wednesday-Tuition proceeded by the lopping off of hair. Had tea with Eun and saw an entire bunch of debaters at Ya Kun (where we were having tea). Made dinner from scratch. Went running in the evening.

Thursday- Woke up extrememly achy. Went to the spa to alleviate ache but to no avail. Dan and I went to see his student in hospital.

Friday- Dan went to see the doctor because he has mysterious chills at night and is extremely exhausted. Doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong and prescribed him Panadol. So he napped till it was time to see The Terminal (read Dan's blog for full review of it) and then proceeded to go back to sleep after that. I went for pilates. Trying to make it a twice a week affair.

Now it's Saturday and my week really doesn't account for much. It didn't feel like much of a holiday and there wasn't a day when we didn't do anything non school related. Bugger. I'm grumpy now because Monday, school starts again. Humph.

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