Friday, September 03, 2004

Holiday Blues

I've been hit by the holiday bug. Today's the last day of school and everyone's going somewhere near and I'm very tempted as well. It's prudence vs. the tremendous urge to NOT do anything and lie by the beach and bake. The latter usually wins, but because I'm fighting it so hard this time, I'm downright miserable. My conscience and more practical, tight-fisted side is making me miserable. That's probably why I don't listen to it often.

What I'm toying with.
  1. The Andaman
  2. Some other Langkawi resorts
  3. The Marriott in Singapore on my credit card
  4. Basically, anywhere but here.

The colleague in front of me is off to Lombok, in Malaysia. Another is off to Sabah and another Bintan. One is venturing further and is off to Perth which I am deathly jealous of. Bugger.

I shall go back and mark. *mutter*

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