Monday, August 16, 2004

18 again

Walking round the school just now, I was overcome with the overwhelming urge to be 18 again. I don't know why. They don't have it fun, especially with the prelim exams round the corner but all of a sudden, I'm sick of being 28. It's probably a passing thing, but all of a sudden, having a world that revolves around buying stationery, scrunchies from Evita Peroni and sitting in the canteen for long periods of time doing nothing but just chatting seems very appealing.

Did I know at 18 that ten years down the road, I was going to feel this way? Did I know at 18 that I would go to uni for like 6 years, that I would spend years overseas that would forever make me feel that there was much more to the world than our 672 sq km island, that I would be frustrated by the little things in life? Probably not.

At 18, I dreamed of a life in the foreign service, of exciting countries and adventures. I didn't dream of being held hostage by my job and my obligations. I didn't dream of falling asleep at the computer while trying to retype the essays for my kids and being pissed off with the whole world.

But then again, what did I know at 18? Nothing.

What do I know now?

I know now we all wake up from our dreams.

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