Thursday, July 29, 2004

Army Mossies

There is no better way to end your day than with a car crash.


Our car's been giving us loads of problems. It's what we bargained for since in itself, I think it's almost an adult. Anyhow, since we filled it up with gas last night, it's been smelling suspiciously like it's going to blow up (I once again repeat, I watch far too much television for my own good). While on the way to drop it off at my in laws, we see these cars at a stop light so we prepare to stop. Unfortunately, confused and intoxicated by the gas fumes, the car decided to not heed the gentle pressure on the brake pads. To cajole it into stopping, Dan hits the brakes even harder. Now, like I said, the car is about adult age and possibly trying to break away from any sort of control whatsoever. So, instead of slowing down like a nice obedient car, it speeds up and rears its right headlight into a stationary cab in front of us.

So, bugger.

We're ok. Our 20 year old is unrepentant and a little bit broken and crumpled. Dan however is taking it hard and if he gets any more pissed, there will be a hole the size of a fist in our toilet.

All this comes when I was seriously contemplating getting rid of the problematic car. First, the back cabin seems to like to flood and slosh rain water around when it pours for more than five minutes. Then, the springs of the seat squeak embarrasingly. And last night, the smell of the fuel and today this? Plus the road tax and the insurance?

I was trying to calculate if it would make more sense to take a cab. Unfortunately, it wouldn't. I wouldn't be able to give tuition and in the event of us having a child, carting it around on public transport is just beyond my imagination. Should that ever be the case, the child will stay home till it is old enough to tap his/her own ez-link card.

Well, anyway, I should go and keep the funky husband company.

This reminds me of something my very corny friend used to say in college.

Life sucks, like an army mosquito. It has no mercy.

Not the most profound, but hey, in a nutshell, that's today.

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3 thoughts...

3 thoughts...

At 1:35 pm Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Shereen, read your blog following a link from

It's hilariously familiar, the stuff you write. Heh. You're a great great read during free periods and during meetings I'm at but not at.

I'm over at livejournal, but because of stalking students (familiar? familiar?), everything is locked up. Are you still using your lj? If so, I could add you, and we could read each other during free periods. :)


At 12:03 am Blogger Ondine said...

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At 10:25 pm Blogger Ondine said...

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