Monday, July 26, 2004

Undue Credit

One of my debaters was shortlisted for the national team. I'm glad for her and I thought I'd let the coaches know too. The response however, wasn't what I expected. I expected them to be pleased or happy for her. But the message I got was
"She will never make it. Everything was predicted and coached. She can't think for herself."
Which I thought was extremely mean of them. Ok, maybe she's not as bright as the other debaters. Maybe she won't make it past this selection round, but being selected and shortlisted is an honour all by itself and at least be happy for her for that much. These "Bah! Humbug!" kids are just not accepting enough and in my book, that's very ungracious.

Anyway, morale is extremely low today in the staff room. We're all exhausted and there's no end in sight for any of us. I managed to doze off while marking in class so I had to escape back here where I can doze off without wrecking the impression of being infalliable. But then, I end up blogging and possibly writing absolute rubbish after a while, but at least the kids won't know and more importantly, remember how daft their teacher was.

One more lesson after this and then my psych elective. I've already demanded not to repeat it next year. Not only do I not have the time and energy, I will have to dumb it down some more to a level where I could clip out social-individual interest articles from Glamour and pass them off as serious academic material!

*Eye lids half closing*


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