Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Allergic reaction

It's 5 in the morning and I'm listening to net radio and drinking ribena. I'm not suffering from severe insomnia or in dire need of Nytol (sleeping drug T recommended in Vancouver). I've just finished marking another class of very bad scripts. I was too tired last night to make any sense of the largely incoherent scripts and I couldn't just go back to school today without a class marked. I am going to pay for this through the day though.

I have a very strong urge to go shopping, even at 5.15 in the morning. This is not my usual "I need to shop" rant although some would say there really isn't very much of a difference. Well, the impetus is different.

The scripts that I'm marking are about how consumption and happiness are linked in today's society. My idealistic 17 year olds all insist that they do not want to be rich because when you are rich, you are lonely. Only when you are poor, like the street urchin on the streets of Jarkata are you really happy. They also insist that regardless of how many things you buy, you will never be happy, so you shouldn't buy anything at all. They all think love and fresh air is all they need. Monks take a vow of poverty and the reason why they do it is because it is a great sacrifice. Now, it wouldn't be a great sacrifice if it wasn't something all that important, would it?

Anyway, after marking about 400 of these idealistic, eat grass, breathe fresh air and live atop a mountain scripts, I really want to show them how happy I would be after hitting Mango, Stila, Kate Spade , Nine West and maybe shop online at Sephora, Gap ,Victoria Secret and Amazon. My colleague who is sharing the marking with me is tempted to buy a BMW and rock up to school and show the kids a thing or two about how you happy you really could be if you had money.

Although I agree it's less infuriating to mark these than to mark gender essays where the girls themselves dial the feminist movement back about 150 years, it's still an experience that would rival getting my wisdom teeth extracted all at one go while having a brazillian bikini wax and upper lip waxed together with an over zealous facial therapist attacking all your skin problems all at the same timeall at the same time.

Now, to catch a half an hour nap before I have to start the day and resist the urge to shop as I stare down the next lot of scripts.

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1 thoughts...

At 9:01 am Blogger J. said...

hey -- they don't call it 'retail therapy' for nothing. hang in there, babe! =) -hug-


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