Friday, July 02, 2004

Red Pen Leaking

Someone uttered sotto voce to her friend on the train the other day while giving me a once over

......"Bet you she's a teacher"
Friend: "How you know?"
Sotto Voce girl: "Look at all the red ink marks all over her fingers"

After which, I hastily stuffed my hands into my pockets.

Yes, the marking season is upon me again and it's been a slow painful process interspersed with things that don't really matter but have to be done anyway. The Junior College Debates begin next week and I'm in the thick of things.

Note to self, wear flat comfy shoes that I can run in next Saturday.

In a way, it's good that Dan goes off to serve his reserve unit next week. I'll be in a grouchy mood for the whole week having 300 more mini essays to mark and another 500 single questions to get through by the end of the coming week and the debates take up the entire Saturday afternoon. So, I'll be snippy and whiny and at least Dan won't have to bear with that and I don't have to feel guilty about being that way.

On a brighter note, we've been watching a whole lot of Gilmore Girls and Angel the series. I'd forgotten how yummy Angel looked in his duster even though I do have a life sized cut out of him in my living room. I mean, Buffy is not complete without Angel.

Gilmore Girls makes me less fearful of having kids, but then again, it's in a town where you get to chase people down the streets for just because they didn't want to buy your strawberries. It glamourises small town living so much, you know the guy who owns the diner and he knows you and you do a thing for the neighbour's cat's funeral. Fun fun fun. Don't think I'd really be able to survive living in a small town but everything about that show makes me smile and go "awww"... plus the best line from the episodes I've watched fully encapsulates how I feel, especially at work when the phone rings incessantly.

Lorelai: Michel, the phone...
Michel: Um hm, it rings..
Lorelai: Can you answer it?
Michel: No, people are particularly stupid today and I can't talk to anymore of them

Yes, quite so.

Anyway, I've been trying to get this blog up for days, so I shall just post it and blog when things are less crazy and my brain's not filled with stupid information like " In order to prevent terrorist attacks, we must remember to take our vitamin supplements" Yup, and by that logic, maybe taking calcium and iron tablets would prevent the polar caps from melting.

Mutter..Particularly stupid...mutter..

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