Monday, June 21, 2004

Reality Bites

So, you know you're back in Singapore when you're at the airport and four young, dyed to the roots fake blonde girls are swearing in Hokkien behind you.

You know you're back in Singapore when the weather is unforgivingly hot and humid.

You know you're back in Singapore when your husband has to crawl out of bed even though he doesn't want to, to attend a course he shouldn't have to.

You know you're back when you're up and wide awake at 6 in the morning thinking about work and the things to do today.

You know you're back when there's two weeks worth of laundry and mail to clear and there's no space on the living room floor since it's covered with the loot you brought back with you from the Pacific Northwest.

But then again, I'd rather be back then stuck in Hong Kong- and this was almost reality. Summer and term breaks tend to mean that there are a whole lot of people travelling, us included since the nature of our jobs mean we travel when the rest of the world travels. And apparently, airlines tend to overbook their flights. So, at the airport yesterday, we were told that there was a likelihood that we might get bumped off the flight and put on one this morning, with compensation, a free upgrade and a night's accomodation. That I didn't mind, since that would have meant a more comfy flight back and some money that could go toward my credit card bill. I guess it was the whole, "only if you paid me, would I stay another night in Hong Kong" syndrome.

Hong Kong, is all that is made out to be. It's hot, crowded, smelly, congested and did I say hot? Shopping looked attractive but the crowds were quite a downer plus the immense jet lag and heat just sapped every ounce of energy we had. It's also a land of strange cuisine. Where else could one find on a menu, instant noodles with a fried egg and luncheon meat as a breakfast dish? The one good thing about Hong Kong, the huge Kate Spade boutique that was in the city. Apart from that, no joy. Plus both Dan and I had upset tummies from some strange food that we ate.

Verdict: North America- to be visited again, I want to do San Francisco. Hong Kong, thanks, but no thanks.

Now, it's back to the real world. I've done 3 loads of laundry, currently have a face masque on to salvage my skin from the damage inflicted by the harsher elements of the North American climate. I have work to prepare for Thursday's class and I need to go to the post office.

Sigh. The price we pay for 3 weeks of fun.

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