Sunday, June 13, 2004


The noise that permeates my thoughts now are of my darling husband and T playing air hockey in YM's friend's house in Seattle.

Hi from Seattle! We're two thirds of our way through our holiday and it's been FUN FUN FUN! Too much food, too much shopping, too little money! Yes, we were in Portland a day or so ago and there being no sales tax in Portland, enticed me to buy 2 Kate Spade for USD$250 and I did go a little berzerk at Gap as well, seeing that our free trade agreement with the US demands that we allow the sale of chewing gum but not the opening of the Gap store in Singapore. Oh well, then I will be one of the few with Gap in Singapore. I hold dearly the ability to be able to dress and have things that the rest of Singapore does not possess.

Let's see, there was
1) Bonds and Elle Mac underwear from Australia till some enterprising young undergrad started selling Bonds at a night market along the river in Singapore. Elle Mac is still elusive but I'm not about to show the world my Elle Mac's. Bonds makes tank tops that I wear out on a regular basis. On an aside, I just shrunk two of my Bonds tank top about 2 inches because we just threw it into the dryer here so now I have more weight that I need to lose to fit into a tight tank top that is now 2 inches smaller all round!

2) Crumpler- Crumpler bags were these wonderful bike bags that were sold in a tiny shop 2 streets down from our apartment in Melbourne. We even had the magic 8 ball bean bag at one point. It was good when that little Crumpler man meant you knew about this cult brand out of Melbourne, Australia. Unfortunately, now they sell it in Singapore and for less than what they sell it in Melly for.

3) The Stoli Lemon Ruski- An alcoholic drink made from Stoli vodka, lime juice and fizzy something. Really yummy but now marketed as the Kremlin in Singapore with Lenin on the label. How sad is that!

So now, I'm onto Gap, Kate Spade and I don't know what else but I'm due to help at a barbie right now so will right more when I get back to extremely hot and manky Singapore.


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