Friday, May 21, 2004

The Return of the Killer Math Teachers

A while back, I bumped into my college math teacher that happened to be subbing in my college. This morning, I bump into my math tuition teacher who was also teaching in my college then. They all remember me and still treat me like I'm 17. We had a nice exchange about me not dropping math when I did.

I do openly admit that I should have stuck with it. It was a short sighted decision on my part. I had failed my math exam and I didn't want to be stuck during the December holidays studying for the supplementary exam, so I dropped it, much to the chagrin of my father. They should NEVER let 17 year olds make such decisions.

Strange how the past keeps creeping up on us.

Anyway, very blurry eyed this morning. We saw Troy last night and didn't get back till 1 last night. Troy was good, although influenced by YM's link to Troy in Fifteen Minutes I did really think that this really happened

Hut of Wanton Nudity, Some Village

BOY: OMG Achilles you're late you gotta get up Achilles OMG!

ACHILLES: Dude, I just nailed twins. Call me in the morning.

BOY: It IS morning.

ACHILLES: Oh... fuck.

and fully expected Brad Pitt to go "Oh...fuck."

But then again, Ithancans don't speak French so I guess not.

It was long, but it was fun. Yes, Brad Pitt was quite yummy even if he did have a "thigh double". Orlando Bloom, I suspect, will be typecast. Everytime some movie director requires a cute medieval sharp shooter that can shoot numerous arrows in succession, they're just going to call him. In fact, they could have him on speed dial under "cute archer typed guy". Even without the blond rebonded hair, he was Legolas, just messier and wimpier, but the look- I think, is already tradmarked.

Next movie, Shrek.

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