Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Face Off

We went for dinner at a nearby food centre just now. I really needed to get out seeing that I'd been cooped up in the house for a day and a half and today, I was stuck in school for a good 11 hours. Anyway, we walked home and seeing that I haven't run, danced, done pilates or anything for the last week, I decided to take the ten flights of stairs up to our apartment even though the stairs were clearly on the OTHER side of the block from where we walked in from.

And then I meet my new mortal enemy. Not the lizard that stays in my kitchen, but a huge ass rat, right smack at the mouth of the stairway up to my apartment. Someone spilt soy bean milk* there and the rat's feasting on it. So, I stop shot because I sure as heck am not going for a tetanus/rabies/rat venom antedote jab so I'm not making any sudden movements. The rat, on the other hand, is in "Tao Huay"* heaven and obviously is unwilling to give up its vantage point. So who dares win.

The rat almost did because it ran a little bit towards me, another 2 rat feet forward and I would have turned tail and scuttled down the stairs and taken the lift up, not caring if I tripped down the stairs and broke my glasses, or if I got fat from not taking the stairs. But I seemed to have gotten the better of it, maybe because up closer, I looked enormous enough to squash it with my foot so it did a quick scoot around into the bushes beside me. Either that or it was lining me up in its sights from a better ankle. Whatever it was, I made a break for it and streaked right up ten flights of stairs only to feel that my lungs were going to collapse on me.

So, mortal enemy number 2.

Today was a so so day at work.

Highlight of my day- I find in my letter slot a box of strepsils from my civics class hoping that I get well soon.

Downers in my day- I scold 5 students during the first lesson of the day and I get pissed off last lesson of the day because during a mock comprehension exam, I step out to compose myself after a massive, tear effecting, coughing fit only to return to one student flipping through someone else's year book, another student on the phone and a third pinching the answers to the questions off another. On top of that, I have two basketball team groupies who blatantly cut school to wave pom poms at the boy's team. I would tell these girls off except they've missed so many of my classes, I wouldn't know if one of them slapped me in the face.

Although I would be extremely displeased if anyone did slap me.

My colleagues have been wonderfully vigilant about the fact that I'm sick. I've had a banana snatched away from me on account of it creating phlegm.I've had a bowl of cold desert eaten on my behalf because it was "heaty"* and would make me cough.

But even then, it's been an extremely long day. I've finally finished my essay marking. Tonight I rest and tomorrow, I start on comprehensions.

My aim is
Thursday and Friday- short comprehension marking
Friday- Prepare essay writing lessons for next week.
Saturday to Monday- mark long comprehensions
Tuesday on- mark next lot of essays and plan essay writing and comprehension skill lessons.

All this in quadriplicate if there is such a word.

So now, I shall go and read my West Wing script book for some moments of brevity before the shit hits the fan.

*heaty- Chinese local term for food that would more likely than not cause you to have a sore throat. In the case when you already have a sore throat like me, then it would help ease the sore throat and regain your voice, like I have! Well, a semlbance of me I have.

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2 thoughts...

2 thoughts...

At 6:21 pm Blogger Tym said...

"a boy of cold desert"

Hee hee hee hee hee.

At 11:25 am Blogger Terz said...

Cream of Som Yong Guy perhaps? :)


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