Thursday, May 06, 2004

Home Sick

Yesterday's tonsils developed have developed into a head throbbing, nose congesting, tongue numbing, back aching flu. So I'm at home today. It's nice, because it's all rainy and cool. So I don't have to wrestle the clamminess of the heat and the claminess of the flu. I intend to stay non-sticky and dry today.

What struck me last night after waiting almost an hour at the doctor's was that I wanted macaroni and chicken soup. That in itself is not strange but seeing that I've tried religiously to stay away from carbohydrates, starch, sugars as much as possible, it was a great aberration. Stranger still, after picking up stuff to make the chicken soup, I put bread into the trolley- declaring it my breakfast this morning, yet another high carbohydrate food source.

So why the rapid turnaround? I think it's a comfort food thing. These are familiar foods that I associate with having while being sick and at home. It's one step away from ringing my mom to whine for her. Bizarre that when I lived at home, I didn't notice any of these things. Now that I'm on my own, I'm trying to replicate what I had, in a valiant effort to make myself feel better. I never really thought that I would miss home, but I think the familiarity is still comforting and when one is miserable, familiarity is good. So, the all out effort to replicate it.

Unfortunately, my chicken soup tasted nothing like my mom's. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't the same. I used to laugh at people who insisted on food tasting the way their mothers did it and here I was lamenting that I couldn't do it. Sigh. Note- Never diss people because one day you might become people.

Now, I'm off to eat soft bread that will not hurt my throat.

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