Tuesday, April 20, 2004

London Bridge is falling Down

At 1530hrs this afternoon, part of the Nicoll Highway broke into two. I got 10 SMSes about it in the span of my 120km/h dash to the airport to pick my brother up. One of them read: If you're on Nicoll Highway now, get off it! Part of it's collapsed. Right and I'd still be alive if I were on it now...or wouldn't I be the one sending him the message?

Anyway, it was due to a gas explosion apparently where they've been building our new train line. Not a good start especially with four people still unaccounted for. Yikes... I ran the quarter marathon on that bridge a couple of months ago.

Channel News Asia is running a live feed on what's going on and for some bits, they're actually using MMS pictures that eye witnesses have sent them. Ah... the advent of technology.

We're going to be in that part of town in a bit, hopefully it won't be too congested.

To make matters worse, the 35 degree heat has given way to thunder and overcast skies. Hopefully the rain'll hold out till they find the missing people.

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