Monday, April 12, 2004

You know you're famous...

When you acquire yourself a stalker.


I've put my cat to sleep because twas the only way I was going to get some privacy and space. Not only do I have to deal with angsty, self-righteous teenagers as part of my job description, this particular one seems to have invaded my non-work time and space and I'm pissing mad about it.

Now that she can't go round chasing the cat, she's found my old Cat House to stalk. Although the comment she posted up there was inconsequential and stupid, her arrogance laced with condescension and her self-evident ignorance has finally managed to tip the scales. No longer am I just annoyed and irritated by the minor inconvenience of moving an entire blog page somewhere else, I'm ready to slap people and yell at them. I'm ready to fling plates at them and unleash the sailor vocabulary of swear words that I know upon her its full glory.

I'm damn sick of this.

To be continued. Too pissed off

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