Saturday, April 10, 2004

Easter's Come Early

The chickens have hatched. I finally got this up and running after a whole ton of false starts and I'm sure more blindness in my already legally blind occulars.

I've decided to move away from water_sprite, although I do quite like the truncation of it. Sprite-not the soft drink, but the wood nymph. In this case, the water nymph. I still like water sprite, but I found chanced upon this line somewhere and fell totally in love with it.

Far in the stillness, a cat languishes loudly.

The imagery that it conjured in my mind was a beautiful one, like those coffee table books of the cats on the Greek Islands. Mmmmm. So there, the rationale behind moving away from the well known water sprite- whose name, by the way is Ondine. Ondine was a water sprite that was playful and teased men. But the men who crossed her, she would kiss them and cause them to suffer and die. My kind of gal.

Well, yesterday, apart from trying desperately to set up this blog, I finally managed to go running and run 6 km I did! Yay me! The strangest sight I saw at the beach was a chicken, chasing a kitten. I always thought it was the cats that chased the birds, but well. Indignant for the kitten and my penchant for the feline species, I chased the chicken. It must have been a sight.

Human chasing bird chasing little cat. Go figure.

Today's the beginning of the long weekend, which brings about much joy. Like the ability to set up this blog.

Time for class so I shall come back later and tinker with my new toy. Hopefully it doesn't go boom!

30 Jan 2004

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" Far in the stillness, a cat languishes loudly"