Saturday, April 10, 2004

Idol vs Protector

One of my friends had this ultimate personality test on her blog. These tests aren't exactly accurate, so says the psych graduate inside me, but they're fun to do anyway. Hmmm, I'm either a protector...

The ULTIMATE personality test
brought to you by Quizilla

...or an idol.


The ULTIMATE personality test
brought to you by Quizilla

Funny. All I had to do was change one or two answers and my personality's totally different. Bizarro world. Only nice thing, the nice Buffy pictures. So which am I? I like to think I'm abit of both. I think when I'm feeling particularly nurturing, that's the protector part of me. When I'm feeling all dressed up and ready to hit the crowds, then that's the idol aspect of me coming to the fore.

But right now, I feel neither, sitting here in my night clothes, feeling all beat up from last night's debates. There's no glamour in sight, neither is there a bone in my body that's ready to deal with anyone's problems. That's why I haven't looked into the newspapers today.

I had to judge 3 debates last night night, one after another. By the time the third one came about, I was ready to turn around to tell the audience to shut up or die. Two top schools, one all boys and one all girls, trying to outcheer one another. Let me just say, girls' idea of cheering is to scream as loud as possible. Very very painful on the ears. And these boys and girls, whose schools shall remain anonymous, were shamelessly flirting with one another! No daughter of mine is going to that school if they're going to behave like that. Although something tells me that even if they did, I would never know about it.

Well, we'll let Dan handle that, since he really really really really really wants daughters. *shudder*

I should really go running today. I leave on Tuesday and I will not be able to run for 2 weeks, unless I'm willing to die from hypothermia. "Singaporean Jogger turns into popsicle on Stuttgart Streets!" with the byline "What in the world possessed her to???". So, I should. But like I say, I feel pretty much beat up from last night and later this afternoon, I have to pretend to be grown up again. I have to meet the parents of my students, who will ask how their child is doing in their first month in college. To which, my mind will be rapidly processing, "whose parents are these? What does their child look like?" *click click click*

So much to do. I need to start thinking about what to pack for Stuttgart and what I need, apart from lots of money. Sigh. I'm too broke for my own good, plus I feel the incessant need to shop. It's time to make a list.

7 Feb 2004

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