Saturday, April 10, 2004

The Mystery of the Missing Sweaters

I have missing sweaters. Five of them. I am far from pleased. In fact, I am quite distressed. Four of them are Mango and one's a Melbourne Uni sweater, which I love. All of them are lost, as in I can't find them and I have no idea where they are. My house is full of cupboards but most of them are empty and none of them contain said sweaters. So where in the world are they?

I have some theories.

1. The chambermaid who cleaned our serviced apartment in Melbourne stole them. Plausible, but it doesn't explain the disappearance of the Melbourne Uni sweater which I know I did not bring to Melbourne last year.

2. The maid that comes in twice a week to clean the house stole them. Not plausible because all winter clothes were under the bed and you need to be Xena to be able to lift the damn thing. Plus she works for my mother-in-law so she would be shooting herself in the foot if she was.

3. They are somewhere in Sixth Avenue. Dan's old house. More plausible than 1 and 2 because it might surface the beloved uni sweater.

4. They're still at Kembangan, my parents' house. Not as plausible, because I just went through what was there last week.

5. They mysteriously vanished into the sweater dimension where they're hanging out with other sweaters and comparing colour, weave and design. My uni sweater would be left out because it's utilitarian more than pretty. The Mango ones, I don't worry so much because they're pretty enough to hold their own ground.

6. They just went poof, never to be seen again.

Part of me does wonder why I'm so attached to these missing sweaters. I think it's just because I believe in giving all my clothes a chance and I practice proportionate exposure with them. On purpose, I will wear clothes I haven't worn for a while, because I feel that I haven't them a fair chance to show the world how nice they are. I'm one for the underdog of clothes. That's probably why I'm late for school every morning. Standing in front of the wardrobe trying to decide which top and skirt deserves the day out today.

And these poor sweaters who are lost, who's going to do that for them?

Come back, Sweaters! Come back!

6 Feb 2004

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