Monday, April 19, 2004

Tug of War

Tug of War

In my excitement about having run again in a very long time, I forgot to add that I was part of the tug-of-war team against the Student Council. I felt it was quite inconsequential seeing that no matter how hard I yanked, I just got dragged by the rope- an act of utter futility.

Apart from very sore arms over the weekend, I thought all was good. Until I woke this morning, and got out of bed. It felt like someone jammed a very very big needle into my lower back and hamstring. Every step I took was sheer agony but I thought it was one of those things that would go away.

Unfortunately it got so bad, I had to ask someone else to go to the canteen and buy me breakfast because I couldn't think of leaving my desk. The wise thing my colleagues advised me to do was to get the hell out of school and mozie over to the doctor.

That I did. The diagnosis, a strain on my lower back that was wreaking havoc on a nerve, hence the intense pain in my hamstring, hip and knee. But for $30, I also got a whole lot of nonsensical advice thrown in.

1. After weighing me and certifying that I'm the lightest I've been since 1998 (this is a doctor I don't go regularly to), he went on to tell me I had to lose more weight! On hearing that I was 3 kgs lighter last year and how everyone was worried, he remarked that I should try and get back to that weight!

- The man is MAD! I have anorexic tendecies and the mentality of a dancer, that's why I complain about my weight. This man is a medical man and he's telling me that I need to lose weight? He has the soul of a cruel ballet mistress in him.

2. Go to the CDC website and read up on the advantages of folic acid.
- When I gave him a puzzled look, he told me that I should start taking folic acid now. I told him I wasn't intent on getting pregnant anytime soon and he said I could get pregnant by accident today. Having said that, he launches into this whole tirade about how since I'm married, I shouldn't even consider aborting the baby and it would be dangerous for the baby if I hadn't started on folic acid. He also confided in me that his goal in life was to reduce the number of retarded babies born because he's seen how they break marriages up.
- All of which, good advice in small doses, but all in a shot, the man needs a chill pill!

3. I should stop dancing and start swimming because my weak point is my back.
Told him dancing strengthens my back and he blinked disbelievingly at me and told me swimming was better.

4. This wasn't advice, but added to his kookiness. He asked me how many kids I had and when I said none, he said "But you're married!"- ahh? So? Oh ye who is like , my mother, my mother in law and my sister in law.

The website by the way, if you need to learn about the advantages of folic acid is just in case.

So, strange doctor. Same one I've been going to since I started skipping school in college and needed an MC. Methinks it's time to look for a new doctor.

Anyway, I'm supposed to be on bedrest today so I shall give up my seat and move over to the bed. I wish I brought my laptop home, then I could do all this from my bed. At least it's cooler there. The weather is unbearably hot. The car was like an oven after being left for half an hour in the partial sun. The only advantage to that was that the hot seat acted like a natural heat compress on my very sore back!

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