Friday, April 16, 2004

Dream Anthology

Strange Dream 1:

YM had just given birth. But it wasn't a regular baby. It was a litter of golden labrador puppies.

Strange Dream 2:

Danrolled off a parapet and was hanging on for dear life. And me with the pathetic arm muscles, leans out and heaves him in with superman strength.

Strange Dream 3

I'm in my mother's bedroom talking to her and she's getting dressed and I realise she's really thin and she's actually YM's mother but then the voice is my mom. And she offers me 2 packets of sliced dried mushrooms and a packet of air dried apple. I reject the latter but can't remember why.

So, YM thinks I should go for some sort of psychoanalysis. Don't think it'll help. Think they'll just tell me I'm crazy and well, I could live with that. :)

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