Thursday, April 15, 2004

Typing Bling

I can't see a damn thing now since I've taken off my lenses and as yet, have no specs. I'm supposed to go to sleep because for some reason, this has been a really exhausting week, but I'm waiting for Dan to come up from putting parking coupons on the car. Well, my brother's car that we have for the next few days while he learns to crew a yacht from Langkawi in Malaysi a to Phuklet in Thailand.

It's really fun rocking up to school in a car that size and there have been plenty of times where I've wanted to justs gently nudge the students who are blissfgully unaware of this monstrosity of a motor vehicle behind them. Unfortunately, I worry that I may have a law suit on my hands as the power of a 2 litre turbo engine may do more than nudge the kid down. It might actually mow the kid and turn them into road kill. :)

Tomorrow, my department has conned me into running at the staff race for Sports' Day. I jsut hope that I won't fall down and hope that I remember how to put one feoot infront of the other and propel myself forwarde.

Dan's beack so now it's time to go to bed, finally, typing blidn j just instn' the way to go.

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