Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Return of the Tonsils

3 am this morning- I am awoken by this searing pain on the right part of my throat.

10 am this morning- I am sitting in school struggling to stay upright and alert enough to mark/do administration/generally not look like I've collapsed on the table.

Was very tempted to just stay home today but there's too much going on in school today for me to laze at home under the pretext of being ill, even though, I'm not far off from it. Teaching this morning was difficult, I felt like I was doing it with wool in my head and from very very far away. The good thing is that I'm not teaching for the rest of the day although I have an inter-college meeting that I need to look perky for at 3 this afternoon. Right now, I can't quite see how to get from now to then.

It's been a really long first few days of the week. On Sunday, my best friend found out that she was pregnant. Well, she peed on a stick (apparently, a phrase not many men are familiar with) and it had a big blue + on it so we're guessing she is. I'm pretty thrilled for her.

She was the first of my friends to get married and she's now the first to be pregnant. It's nice though, she's always the one to test the water first and I just watch and follow suit after. Plus, we've gone through so many phases in our lives together, and now, there's a new adventure for us to embark on now.

I'm going to stop here because holding on to one train of thought is very difficult right now.

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