Thursday, April 29, 2004

Cute Japanese Wallets

Some people are bag people, some people are shoe people, some people are even clothes people.

Clearly, I'm a wallet person.

At every Mango sale, I buy myself a new wallet for $19 and then proceed to use it till the next sale where my whimsical nature will have caused a perfectly working wallet to be relegated to the wallet drawer to hold foreign currency. And if it's lucky, it gets picked to go overseas with me.

And last evening, I discovered another wallet shop, in Wisma- a shopping mall in the city. Pretty colours, antique designs and the down right quirky with Stila like girls drawn and little diamante studs. Very tempting...A Mothers' Day special where you buy two wallets for like 30% off.

But my preservation skills have kicked in. They're the only thing that has kept me from having absolutely nothing in my account. Everytime we're about to go away, or have big insurance premiums to pay out, this switch goes on inside me and I just stop shopping and feel no intense need to.

Even this morning, when I realised I don't have very many work tops and non too exciting that I want to put them on, it didn't make me want to go out and shop- which in some strange way, makes me sad.

On a separate note, you know how the smallest things are supposed to make your day? Well, my wonderful bath essentials used to. I used to wake up in the morning and look forward to taking my shower. My face wash smelt divine, of grapefruit, orange and mango. My shower gel was equally yum-some...It used to be enough.

Now, it isn't. I drag myself out of bed and proceed to lie on the floor, pretending to myself that I'm going to do sit ups, but end up dosing for more of ten minutes on the floor. Then I lumber over to the bathroom and find walls to prop myself up while I struggle to brush my teeth and mistake toothpaste for face wash. I did wonder why my face was all tingly one day.

I hear it's a symptom of a being a teacher in the second term. The exhaustion mounts and there's no outlet till June. So I'm snappish, don't feel like I get enough sleep and have angry dreams which include dousing Daniel with water.


When will this end?

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