Thursday, April 22, 2004

The wonders of technology

SMS conversation between my brother and I.

Bro: What are you getting Bro for his birthday? New phone? New PDA?

Me: He's got an All in One

Bro: What's an All in One? Handshoe. Agh! My dumb phone can spell handshoe but not handphone

Me: Phone, Camera, PDA, Paperweight... All in One

Bro: Really? What he get? 02? Black Berry? A perv got sent jail for a month for sticking a camera phone up a woman's skirt at Raffles City. Woman caught him but couldn't recognise her own underwear. Wanted to laugh so badly.

Ah... the dignity required of our legal system... also..

The advent of technology and the continued blurness of some of my species. I did have visions of all the underwear in a line up- full frontal, side from left and side from right.

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