Sunday, May 09, 2004


The world this student lives in is obviously not ours...

September 11 was a date that almost anyone would know. Terrorists attacked America in a way that no one even though was possible. The whole world was shaken. The US had been dealt a killer blow. The US did the only thing that was possible, it attacked Afghanistan. In a more violent world than ours, the whole of Afghanistan would have been just destroyed by a nuclear bomb. Blood for blood, vengeance for vengeance and everything would have been destroyed.

But no, nothing like that happened. The US only sent soldiers to find Osama, the leader of the terrorists. And on the way, the US also managed to taken down the Afghanistan government. But even this non aggressive move sparked protests from many countries. This shows how peaceful and civilized people have become. Even when the US decided to wage war against Iraq, there was strong protests. Although the Us were doing something noble, people do not wish for violence today.

Yup. That's why people protested. He is also of the opinion that our world is very peaceful today. I think someone ought to buy him a television set so that the truth shall set him free.

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