Friday, May 28, 2004

The Last Day of School

Today being the last day of the semester should technically spell a long breakfast in the canteen followed by a whole lot of doing nothing for the rest of the morning till the lunch bell releases us into our holidays.

Fat hope.

Things that got thrown at me today.

1. Ring the top seeds of last year's JC debates to see if they were actually willing to debate a third time round seeing that we've got an uneven number of teams. This required a large amount of pandering to their egos and a whole lot of grovelling.

2. Answer 10 SMSs from the national coach who is running the workshop about very inconsequential details like whether there is going to be a tea break, whether student facilitators ought to be in uniforms, whether the workshop can be shortened to an hour and a half from 3 hours. All of which indicate a major plot of skivving going on.

3. List down all the schools that are appearing for the workshop this evening and upon doing that, realising that half the schools didn't even send a list of participants so it's a really skimpy list.

4. Organise a last minute birthday party for my god-daughter. My brother, Dan and I are making a road trip up to KL tomorrow- and tomorrow's her birthday. My elder bro, Beth's dad is none too happy that none of us can make it but still that's fine. But my dad gets wind of it and goes along the way of "if everyone is going there tonight, I'm going tonight too and not tomorrow"- which pisses my brother off. He takes things as personally as I take things and now he's upset. So, what do I have to do? I'm supposed to find a cake, and food and throw a party tonight for his daughter, which I'm fine with except, today's such a bad day to do these things.

And screw the damn expectations. My sis in law thinks I'm the most free person in the world and tells me to do this and I do it, not because of her, but out of love for my brother. I totally lost it with her and then other people along the way..First time I ever spoke my mind to her.

SMS conversation between us two
Her: Your brother's upset because he thinks no one gives a peep about him or his daughter's birthday tomorrow.

Me: What do you want me to do? I'm already going over tonight.

Her: But tonight's not her birthday and there's no food and cake.

Me: Fine. I'll get cake and food. But there's only so much I can do. I'm trying very hard to juggle all these roles and no one's cutting me slack. I have to be a good daughter, wife, sister, aunt, teacher, organiser all today and I have only so many hours in a day and I can only be at one place at one time. How much more do you expect me to do?

Her: But your brother is upset.

Me (Did not send msg but actually tapped it out on my phone): WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT ME TO DO???????

So, what have I done?

1. Managed to get a school to offer a swing team...hopefully...these things tend to fall through last minute

2. Ordered a chocolate cake only to cancel it later in favour of an ice cream cake that hopefully will keep the kids up the entire night. (I'm being mean here)

3. Bought Bethany's presents- a whole lot of pink dresses and barbie underwear

4. Booked the lecture theatre for this afternoon and warned everyone that it's shorter than it's supposed to be

5. Helped fold flyers for the Temasek Academy's Open House tomorrow

6. Organise Thai food for tonight.

7. Scold my mother for making my brother feel unimportant

8. Hand in large amounts of money to the office for some donation drive the college had over the last two days where kids had to take part in a 200km overnight marathon

9. Had lunch

10. Try to change Singapore dollars to Ringgit for tomorrow without any success. All the lines at the vestibules were at least 10 deep. Not waiting that long. A girl's gotta go places.

Very very angsty me right now. I just barked at 3 students over the phone, scolding one for assuming that I was some other teacher and to another two for asking where their teachers were. I don't think they understood what the phrase "AM I HER KEEPER?" much less why they were being bellowed at. I think some of my colleagues are taking cover from me right now and not wanting to look me in eye for the fear that "looks could kill" today.

Really, how much more can I do? I'm stuck in school till 7 at least today and now, I'm trying to get my brother to have lunch with me so that he knows that we really do care about him and it's just my dad being insensitive.

Somedays I hate being me.

Today's one of them.


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