Sunday, July 11, 2004

The One Day Weekend

This has been a really short weekend. I finished work about 7 last night, had dinner and promptly fell asleep during Super Size Me inviting jibes about how I hardly ever stay awake during movies. Heh. There's something about comfy cinema seats in the dark that lull me to sleep especially if there's a grain of tiredness in me and last night, I had an entire padi field of it sprouting out of my ears.

So, tomorrow, I go back to school and we start the week all over again, having hardly rested. We had lunch with the in laws, well, my in laws, Dan's parents. It was strange. Gilman village is nothing like Holland village. It's a veritable ghost town with a rotting 10 ft dinosaur to put things into perspective. There, we had japanese pizza. No, it's not an adulterated Japanese dish calling itself a pizza- it really was Japanese pizza, with the sweet mayo, the freaky move by themselves fish flakes and seaweed atop the cheese, chicken and shitake pizza. You couldn't quite call it fusion because it wasn't exactly pretentious, it was just, well, I guess where Pizza Hut got the idea of the "bak kua" (read: processed roast pork slices)pizza or the "char siew" pizza ( I'm making this one up, but I'm sure I'm not far off from the truth).

Dan's off to field camp for most of next week. It was nice having him around this week when I fully expected him to not be around. I did say that him not being around would have made the week go better last week what with JCDC and the horrid horrid marking. But he was a sweetie the entire week and tried to make it as easy as possible for me to just concentrate on the marking. Thank goodness that is over and the next round, I'm marking essays, which are not much better but at least will have more variety than "money will not make you happy, love and relationships will". Right. Wait till they are in a relationship and need to pay bills then let's see how they handle that one.

I guess it's been hard for him too, having to travel 45 minutes across the island one way to get to camp, do menial tasks the whole day and then travel 50 minutes back to a grumpy wife or in the case of Friday, to his mother who's having a severe case of empty nest syndrome now that my brother-in-law and his wife have finished doing up their house and have decided it's time to spread their wings and move out. So, she was angsty too - my mother-in-law, not my sister-in-law and Dan felt it was his responsibility as the family's first born to return for dinner and show that we weren't so much as abandoning them as just building our own little nests.

Responsibility is such a big word and a big thing to uphold. It's the sucky thing about growing up. It really does go down hill from there, especially after you get married. Then you're not only responsible for yourself, you're responsible for your spouse and by extension his or her family and inadvertently, it strikes you that you've been responsible for your family as well. It gets tiresome at times, especially when you're tired and you want to spend the rest of the day just being alone. It gets extremely tiresome when you realise these responsibilities wear another hat at times and that hat goes by the name of obligation, a higher levelled responsibility that you can't run away from.

So today's been a day of just that, well, the week's been actually, but I've only had time this evening to throw a hissy fit about it. The one on Friday didn't count- that was just sheer exhaustion to the point of delusion and hallucination.

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At 11:44 am Blogger bowb said...

um. the thing is, i have made a char siu pizza, with hoisin sauce, blanched broccoli and sliced red onions. it was really very tasty.


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