Saturday, August 07, 2004

Iced Tea

I promised YM a while back that I would report the findings of my great ICED TEA commission and since I'm waiting on the glacial clay on my face to dry to a shade of aquamarine blue, I will use this time to divulge my findings.

Places explored.

  1. Seah St Deli- Raffles Hotel- Refillable Iced tea for $5. It's unsweetened so you add your own syrup. Quality seems to vary. There have been times when I've managed to create an insomniac out of myself by downing 5 glasses of it in one sitting and other times when the second glass is a struggle to get through but I would endeavour since I paid 5 bucks for it.
  2. Hard Rock Cafe- Also refillable, but I think it costs less. $3.80 I think but I might be wrong. Yummier than Seah St consistently. Not too over powering on the tea side but enough to remind you that you're drinking iced tea. They have an interesting variation that Dan likes. It's orange laced and has spices in it. Also refillable and very fragrant. Costs a little bit more than the regular iced tea but worth it if you're wanting to be adventurous.
  3. Blooies- Used to be refillable but no longer is and it's so home made, you're not certain if you're getting the same iced tea you ordered previously. Sometimes very yummy, sweet and refreshing, sometimes tastes like stale tea and other times, so strong it makes me jittery.
  4. McDonalds- Cheap! $2.45- $2.50 for a large one. They make their own tea and stick lemon slices in it. Once again, it varies from outlet to outlet depending on how they brew the tea, but generally a safe, cheap alternative. Only problem would be the ice in it would cause condensation on the outside of the cup and you gotta carry it around town. Ask for serviettes to wrap round the cup if you buy one of these.
  5. KFC- Same price as McDs but quality a little bit more consistent. Also, they use Nestea as a base so you get the same tea throughout. The added slices of lemon give it a nice taste and none of the bitter tanning agent and caffeine after taste you get from the McDs one. Only, if you're at Lido then buy the McD's one over the KFC one because the latter comes out of the fountain and you're basically paying for a HUGE Yeo's packet iced tea.
  6. Sakura at Far East- Iced tea that tastes like KFC's but fresher. Only not refillable and the cup's not very large so it doesn't wash down the food aftertastes of the at times MSG laden food a lot.
  7. Coffee shop at the corner of Commonwealth Ave West and Holland Ave- Home made iced tea from the drinks stall. Strong, sweet tea with lots of lemon in it. $1.20 a cup. I like it! I usually order 2 throughout the meal.

    -Addendum 4 April 2005-
  8. The Best Iced Tea is at Toast at Ngee Ann City. They blend the lemon with the tea so it's all ground in and frothy. Very yummy. Minimum consumption is 2 glasses. Bit more pricey though at $2.50 a glass I think, for something you can down in one go.

I don't usually like iced-tea from the can unless I can pour it into a cup, put ice in it to dilute it and drink it with a straw. Iced tea, in my opinion should only be drunk with a straw! Only right.

But alternative drinks that I go for. Ribena with lemon- one of the few useful things I learnt in Hong Kong. Preserved Prune juice with soda water and some preserved prunes- not something everyone likes but I like it! It's salty, sweet, sour and cold all at the same time. What more could a girl want! Occasionally Snapple just so that I learn a fun fact from the bottom of the cap, but not often because there are always cheaper alternatives and I feel so sorry for the hard glass bottle that doesn't get recylced in the "the environment is someone else's problem" Singapore.

So there. My drink list. I live on iced tea and other sweet beverages that Dan says is my weakness. Well, tough. A girl and her iced tea never parted bee...

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2 thoughts...

At 9:50 am Blogger Tym said...

Looks like Hard Rock is still our best friend. We must go there after the next payday.

At 9:49 pm Blogger aklw said...

you "promised YM a while that"?

at least you don't teach the English language.


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