Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Plebian Way

The car's been in the shop since Friday and it's not going to be ready till earliest, tomorrow. So, in an attempt to actually save some money off exorbitant cab fares, I've resorted to taking the train to work. This means I wake up half an hour earlier and leave the house as Dan's alarm goes off.

This also means I get to do some reading on the train while waiting for a seat and when I do get a seat, some marking done. The passengers around me must have thought me loony when I cracked up after reading a student proclaim that the "the kings in China had 3000 CUBICLES!" YM's retort to that was to write in the margins "So that's how bureaucracies got started!". I refrained because the kid would be very confused as to why that comment was put down.

Anyhow, I end up in school an hour later, fully exhausted after having walked ten minutes to the train station, been on the train for 35 minutes and then wrestle with school kids for a spot on the bus and then wrestle with them to get off. I know this sounds whiny and petulant, but this is me- the one who has always been sent to school since kinder days all the way to uni days and to school when I was still living at home. Yes, transport wise, I've been a spoilt brat. I even complain because since I moved out, I've had to drive myself to school and dislike doing that as well.

So, now that I have to get myself around the plebian way, I'm tired and achy and ready to go home and crawl back into bed and kinda grumpy. But the day's only just started so there's a whole day ahead to get more grumpy. Yesterday, I was grumpy enough to tell off two girls on separate occasions who had insisted on using the very obviously marked staff washrooms to change out of their PE gear. The rationale" Got more space, what!" That illicited more of an evil look from me and a bark to respect signs and use their own bloody washrooms (not in so many words fortunately, or unfortunately)

So yes, daft kids of the world beware, sleepy, grumpy teacher on the prowl! Hee.

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3 thoughts...

At 8:54 am Blogger J. said...

transport-wise i've been a spoilt brat too - car to school every morning (except in upper primary where -gasp- i walked to school -which was 300m from my front door), though public transport back. now i take the train in to work every morning, jostling with uncooperative mule-like people, and it's driving me absolutely nuts. totally understand the achy grouchiness that comes with public transport during rush hour. in heels, no less.

hurry up and get better, shereen-and-daniel's car! :)

At 9:02 pm Blogger Tym said...

J.: 2 suggestions re: plebian transport.
1) Bring a book.
2) Bring an iPod (or other music player of choice)

Both are clinically proven to enable users to shut out the Real World, thus effecting a relatively smooth and trouble-free ride. I don't even notice when people I know are on the same train as me.

At 1:06 am Blogger Terz said...

Book and iPod all well and good, but you don't want to turn into one of those people who so studiously ignore other passengers on the train, especially the ones who need the seat most.


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