Friday, August 06, 2004

Smoke in My Hair

I hate smoke. I hate the smell of smoke. I hate smelling smoke. I hate my hair smelling of smoke. I hate the smoke smell in my hair so much, it kept me up.

Did I tell you how much I hate smoke?


We were at Shamus O' Donnells last night for its monthly trivia night.

We discovered that despite not knowing
  1. Provinces of Ireland
  2. Who was the runner up in the Tour De France
  3. How large the Indonesian Archipelago was East to West
  4. How many litres there were in a British Gallon
  5. Which European country was mediating the Sri Lankan conflict

and some other questions, we knew enough nonsense among the 7 of us to win! And win a bottle of Absolut Vodka we did!

So, now I'm sitting in school dressed in the colours of our national flag sans 5 stars and crescent moon all blurry eyed. Thank goodness they were merciful and kept the celebrations short enough for us to be fully occupied arguing the merits of the older national songs Stand Up, Singapore and Count on Me, Singapore over the newer more tuny ones like One Singapore, Singapore Town and Home. We liked the older ones because they were more catchy. Chances are we liked them more also because we were kids when they came about and we had fun belting them out. We also figured that our age was very telling by the songs that we knew. We told KW she was old because all she remembers is Chan Mali Chan, back in the days when national songs weren't even in English.

Well, we're off till Tuesday and I will be inundated with marking but I'm still fine with that because we have a wedding this weekend, a barbeque with much meat, a West Wing preview of Season 5 and possibly Farenheit 9/11. Yay!

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