Thursday, August 12, 2004


My brother came to school yesterday to talk to our graduating students who were keen to pursue a career in medicine. In KW's words, he came to con them into a career with ungodly hours that is often unsatisfying and political. Then again, that describes any job out there. Heh.

Anyhow, the turn out was really good and I was happy for him. Was worried that he was going to actually just talk to two or three stragglers. What I was annoyed about was actually the notice that had been put up announcing that this talk was taking place.

It announced that MR Mark Ng was going to be giving a talk on medicine.

I know my bro couldn't care less that he wasn't addressed as DR Mark Ng, but I was about to throw a hissing fit at the guy who printed the notice. To me, the guy spent 6 years of his life training for the degree, the very least you could do is to confer him the respect he is due.

*mutter mutter*

Then again, I was told after that this same guy would never botch up Dr Vivian Balakrishnan's name nor Dr Tony Tan's because he loves being able to name drop. So, why the mistake? Because my bro's not big shot enough for him to care. Hmmm. One word. Poseur. Grrrr....

Strange how we're protective over our siblings even though he's much older than I am and can probably grind anyone he wanted into a fine fine pulp. I see it in Bruce as well. He'll hit and berate everyone that tells his little sister off. But at the same time, he'll give her a good thumping if she gets in his way. Ahhh... siblings.

Gotta love them.

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