Sunday, August 15, 2004

Blues Brothers

The one thing about marriage that no one ever told you is that it really sucks when both you and your spouse are in foul moods over separate issues, but foul moods nonetheless. It really sucks when you need someone to pick you up, but the only thing that other person really does is drive that depression further and deeper within you.

So what happens? Both of you strive to be the more miserable of the two, in the hope that one of you will have a change of heart and turn around and comfort the other. In the circumstance that both refuse to budge, well, the advice is you stay away from said house with an ten mile pole.

It's Sunday night again. Tomorrow, I'm getting up early once again to catch the train into work. One would think I'd be used to it by now, but a long commute's a long commute and it gives you plenty of time to not only read and stone out, but also lots of time to lament the not being in bed till later fact. The latter lamenting often results in me grumping at everyone first period. Thank goodness for a relatively later start tomorrow morning.

This pall better lift soon. It really sucks to feel so yuck about so many things and not knowing which one pisses you off most or makes you most like flinging something through a glass window, just so that when it shatters, for a split second or so before the Oh Shit sets in, there is a sense of catharsis and relative peace that washes over you.

Unfortunately, I am now deeply in debt and I don't think I'm going to be able to afford replacing the window pane so no Horlicks can to be flung with full force at untempered glass windows. Bummer.

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