Sunday, August 22, 2004

In Hot Soup

I have an angry red welt on my leg now. We made beef soup for dinner last night since there was a dearth of chicken in the supermarket (-damn those sneezy fowl). Forgetting that I really didn't have a magic porridge pot, I was stirring in more veg and slice meat than the pot could physically accomodate. As a result of that, some boiling hot soup splashed onto my leg causing me to yowl in extreme pain.

And that extreme pain did not go away. It just grew more extreme. Ice made it smart more-there's something about something so cold that it adds heat to the burn. Dan suggested yoghurt, but I didn't want to waste the yoghurt. By the time we decided on toothpaste, there were near tears in my eyes.

The toothpaste helped but it still hurts this morning and there are really burn marks on my leg. Ow ow ow.

Lesson learnt.

Do not cook soup in shorts.

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