Monday, August 16, 2004

The Price of Fame

I'm at my mom's having the last of the NZ beef and my bro pops by to pick up his kids- he's been on leave because he had a mother of a molar yanked out of his gums yesterday, not fun. Anyway, he said he had lunch with an old friend from college. Incidentally, he adds, this old friend knows that I had recently got into an accident and replaced the old Merc with a spiffier Ford Focus.

Puzzled my brother is. As am I. Until puzzled Bro complains that his friend spoke in SMS speak and mentioned something about a Mr Brown and a blog.


The sound of the lightbulb in my head.

My brother's friend, some 9 years older than I am, who I only see at parties at my Bro's reads my blog all because I got mentioned on the Mr B website. It's really too small a little world we live in. I sort of figured that getting mentioned on Mr B was how the number of hits jumped and hit K2 on two separate occasions. But I really didn't expect someone who knew my brother to read my stuff.

Anyhow, Hello Leslie! You forgot to come to my wedding! Hee...:)

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