Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Get Inch Take Foot

On Monday, one of my classes rang to tell me that there would be no class with them because they had to do their Napfa test. Then they ring me to tell me they got the date wrong and do they still need to go to class- to that, I answered in the affirmative. Then they ring me back and say that their other teacher is letting them off and could they please be let off. I hesitate, but with the migraine I was having, I agreed on the condition that they do a make up.

Today, they come into class ill prepared for the work they are going to do. Some had no books, the rep had forgotten to pick up key materials for today's lesson and all had the "I really DO NOT want to be here" look which I am familiar with because first thing Wednesday morning, what I'd really like to be doing is having breakfast instead of having to face 25 kids who would rather be elsewhere.

But I am there and I'm annoyed with their lackadaisical attitude about everything and I show it, by telling them their attitude is in a serious need for a makeover and they go "Extreme makeover?" Argh. Can you say Kuai Lan in so many other ways?

Well, I'm humphy about it because I was being kind to them on Monday and they've basically demanded that I continue to be nice to them but on top of that, NICER than I have been.

So, I go around raking my brain for this idiom I learnt in primary school Chinese class, about how when someone gives you a little bit of slack, you demand for a whole bag full- basically, being ungrateful all demanding little brats.

I finally dig it out of the crevice deeply hidden in a far flung corner of my cerebral cortex that has a sign hanging precariously off a hinge that has written in the dust of the last 12 years...CHINESE LEXICON ...

And here it is....

GET INCH TAKE FOOT or RULER which ever version you prefer.

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1 thoughts...

At 1:31 pm Blogger Hobbes said...

That's the problem with teens these days... they are getting so arrogant.

Rang you to tell you there's no class?? They should have told you in person!

MOE should really start looking into the attitudes that kids have these days. Where on earth are they getting it from???


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