Friday, August 27, 2004

Junked Food

Two nights ago, we went to see my brother at Singapore General Hospital. The poor man was in for yet another surgery. Anyway, on our way out, way past visiting hours, we walked past Polar Cafe, that sells nice flaky pies and their pies were going at 4 for $5. So we bought a box full, fully intending to take it into school the next days. That was Tuesday night. Last night, I open the microwave and find the pink plastic bag in there with the box of pies, yet untouched.

The pies being curried and potato filled, were very very rancid. I tried to convince myself they were and took a bite out of it. It was beyond foul. The curry was so bad, it was bitter and metallic so it all got dumped. What a big waste.

I hate wasting food and I was very upset that I had to junk the pies. It's not so much the "think of all the starving Africans" conscience, more the it was $5 and I could really have had a nice dinner with that $5. It's like dumping $5 into the bin.

Having said that, Dan and I found this new Brazillian place akin to Brazil that serves all their meats on skewers. We're trying to figure out when we would have time to actually go there for a nice dinner. It's much smaller than the one at Sixth Avenue, but it's worth a try. Mmmmmmm, meat....

Crap, now I'm hungry and all I have are cheese sandwiches.

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