Thursday, September 09, 2004

A Bob

I've cut my hair. And I am quite sure that my dad will bemourn the loss of my hair. He hates it when gender stereotypes are messed with. Boys have short hair. Boys with long hair get hissed at by him. Girls have long hair. Girls are not supposed to have short hair, therefore his daughter is not going to hear the end of it until her hair grows to a more decent length. Either that or I don't see my dad for well, according to Ashley my hair dresser, the next six months at least. :)

So, it's a bob and it's got a fringe that flops to one side. My chosen side is the left. Unfortunately, this morning, I woke up with a kinked right side of my neck so it hurts when I tilt my head to the left to keep my hair in place. The whole day it's been "hair messy, hair needs a toss" followed almost immediately with "owwwwwwwww, my neck, stupid neck, stupid stupid neck". My solution to it was to get a massage. One and a half hours later and all sticky with oil, my neck's still kinked and my hair's still in need of the occasional floop to the left (I made up that word, but it sounds about right). So, I've given up and used a clip. No more flooping and my neck's at peace for now.

I'm finally done with marking the "seeing much, suffering much, studying much-is this the plight of our young?" essays. Not one essay got a good mark from me because they were too cookie cutter. Yes, we see a lot because in this modern technological age (their stock beginning for ANY essay, be it to do with marriage, genocide, beauty, starvation and poverty), the Internet allows us easy access to porn and violence and it is a BAAAAAAAAAAD thing. Yes, we suffer a lot because we have so much stress and pressure on us (read Fear for my take on that) and YES we study a lot because we spend x number of years in school and x number of hours in school and buried in books. Uh huh. So, I'm bored and moving on to how important beauty is in our world today. I'm quite sure I will get more stock answers like "no, beauty isn't important, it's what's beneath that is important" lalalala...

I need to get out. We were supposed to go running today but on account of my kinked neck and the fact that everytime I sneeze, my lungs move an inch up toward my oesophagus, not a good idea. Plus we're visiting Dan's student who's just been diagnosed with lymphoma. The kid's 15. That's just way shitty. If I were his parents, I'd be alternating between panicking and praying. If I were him, I would be just in a lot of pain and not quite sure what I did to deserve this and if I were his friends, I'd stay far away from the hospital because I'd think it was weird and I might catch it from being near him- only to feel really guilty and later fearful about it, because my friend is ill and in hospital and there's nothing I can do about it. On all three accounts, there's a similar feeling of utter helplessness that isn't going to go away anytime soon.

All the more reason now to cross fingers and toes. Will you do it too?

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